''Raquel Victoria presents us here his first individual exhibition, which is part of the 2019 Circuits program of the Alonso Cano faculty, entitled ''Ni tan Pronto'', which was born as a result of a drawing studio that seeks to rescue the customs of pop magazines (Pronto, Super Pop, etc.) Typical on Sunday afternoons in any Spanish house. This central proposal is accompanied by an audiovisual piece that dramatizes the aesthetic experience proposed by the artist.

In this way, Raquel Victoria, who also signs as La Nina i el Moix, performs a reissue-reinterpretation of the covers of the magazines fusing her abstract drawings with the layout and typography style of the magazines of the time. With this brief retrospective, the artist tries to make us see from another point of view this manifestation of popular culture that has been part of the Spanish imaginary of the last decades.'' 
Luis Guillén - October 2019
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