Due to the latest events caused by the so-called coronavirus pandemic, in Spain more than 23,521 people have died.
Due to the complexity of the situation, places such as the Ice Palace in Madrid or a parking lot in Barcelona have been set up to keep the bodies until they could take them to their burials.
In Spain, and throughout the Mediterranean, there is a great tradition of funeral rites. The funeral rite is a process that the deceased and his relatives go through, divided into different phases. This is a painful and complex process, but it is normally essential to grieve loved ones.
This project seeks to reflect the comparison of the different Spanish funeral rituals of the 19th and 19th centuries. XX with those currently being carried out. In a way, it is a brief and humble investigation into the Iberian funeral traditions close to me.
Título: Akest Any
Music: Akest any
Artist: Raquel Victoria 
Producer: Andrés Cándido
Video 1: Semana Santa de Almuñecar (Granada - 1975) 
Video 2: Quema de hierbas (Parnaland, c.1900)
Video 3: Muro derrumbado (Lumière, 1896)
Video 4: Corral de aves (Parnaland, c.1900)
Título: Cançó única 
Artist: Raquel Victoria 
Producer: Andrés Cándido

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