Raquel Victoria Rodríguez López 
Palma de Mallorca, 1998
Fine Arts at Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano 
University of Granada (2020)
Raquel Victoria was born in Palma de Mallorca (1998). From a very young age, she developed a great interest in the visual and musical arts. She began her artistic career at the Renaissance Academy of Fine Arts (Palma) although previously she had already received painting and drawing classes from the age of 5 to 12. While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, she first studied elementary piano through private lessons with the pianist Inés Bennasar. She was part of the choir "Els vermellets de la Seu" of the Sant Josep Obrer music school (Palma, 2010-2013) where she also studied musical language. During her time at the Renaissance Academy of Fine Arts, she had the first opportunity to be part of two group exhibitions. She completed the baccalaureate of humanities studying subjects such as history of music, dance and art, as well as artistic drawing. At the age of 17, she decided to move to the city of Granada to complete a degree in Fine Arts at the Alonso Cano Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Granada). It is at this stage that she develops her artistic production and research to this day, in addition to discovering the field of curatorial and cultural management. During her time in the degree, she received an Ícaro scholarship in the vice-dean of the Alonso Cano Faculty of Fine Arts, carrying out and working on cultural projects such as EDI-TABLES 2020, FACBA 20, Mikeli Fest, among others. Her final degree project "Al-Liquindoi" is based on a cultural mediation project. The project received the Aid Ayuda a la Producción, Comisariado y Mediación Artística Alumni UGR del Programa 46 del Plan Propio de Investigación y Transferencia (University of Granada).
She has been part of the curatorial research office "Co2: Comisariado contracultural" at the Madraza Centro de Cultura Contemporánea. Within the group, he is part of the curatorship and management of the "International Festival Noise is (not) data" and "Beats to curate".
She has completed the Master in Production and Research in Art at the University of Granada, where she studied and researched her TFM project focused on the creation of a cultural space for the city of Granada.
Raquel Victoria works in independent curator of exhibitions such as “Kiero ser famosa” by Marta Silgado (Granada, 2019) or “Copy Paste” by Marta Ruiz Anguera and Jaime González Palencia at the Krekovik Museum of the Consell de Mallorca (Palma, 2020).
Last year 2021, she co-founded the association La Constructora together with Luna Manuela. La Constructora is an association born from a mutual interest between Raquel Victoria and Luna Manuela with the aim of producing events and providing spaces for artistic development and exchange, with a humanist perspective and a focus on culture in motion, giving voice to a series of counter/cultural projects and movements, both their own and those of others, in collaboration with multiple emerging artists. An ambitious project that crystallizes in a wide range of thematic events developed in Granada and perhaps one day, even further afield.
Curators and procedures
2022 - Present Communication and Press Department of L21 Gallery. Palma de Mallorca.
2023 Curator of the exhibition "Dystopian archaeologies. Exploring the vestiges of a future past'' at the CCA Andratx. La Misericòrdia. Consell de Mallorca.
2021 Co-founding of the cultural management association: La Constructora.
2021 Creation and coordination of the Festival Al Liquindoi: Sonido Relativo. Sound art and environment. Casa de Porras. UGR.
2021 Internship in the area of culture and heritage of the Diputación de Granada and in the Centro José Guerrero Museum.
2021 Exhibition curator ''Identidad en la sala''. Palacio de los Condes de Gabia. Diputación de Granada.
2021 Exhibition curator ''En la Boca del Lobo'' Javi Chocho-Nabo. Espacio Lavadero.  
2020 Exhibition curator ''Copy Paste: Marta Ruiz Anguera y Jaime González Palencia''. Museo Krekovic. Consell de Mallorca.
2020 Part of the curator of the virtual art festival ''Noise is (not) data''. Co2: Comisariado contracultural. La Madraza. UGR.
2020 Creation and curation of the ''Mikeli festi'', a festival of artistic and musical self-production during the COVI-19 quarantine at the University of Granada. 
2020 Help in organizing the workshop ''Ilustración creativa VI: Trabajando sobre la identidad'' imparted by Maguma. Master in art production and research. University of Granada. 
2020 Ideation and design of the ''Edi-Tables festival'', a festival of artistic and musical self-production at the University of Granada. 
2020 Exhibition curator ‘’ A La Calle 20 ’Sala de Exposiciones Gran Capitán  (Granada).
2019 Exhibition curator ‘’ Sustancia, Elemento Cosa ’of Art and Body students. Al Liquindoi Program - Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano (Granada). 
2019 Ideation and management of the Al Liquindoi exhibition program of the Alonso Cano Faculty of Fine Arts (UGR). 
2019 Curated exhibition '' Kiero ser Famosa '' by Marta Silgado. Circuits Festival 2019. insula Sur (Granada). 
2019 Collaborator in the management of the Festival of Contemporary Art Circuitos 19. Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano.
Grants and Investigation groups
2020 Member of ACCAIB (Associació de Crítics i Comissaris d'Art de les Illes Balears).
2020 Grant: ''Ayudas a la Producción, Comisariado y Mediación Artística Alumni UGR'', del Plan Propio de Investigación y Transferencia de la Universidad de Granada. Proyecto Al Liquindoi. 
2019 - Present Investigation group: ''La espiral sonora'' from the University of Granada to musical research and its relationship with other non-musical fields. 
2019 - Present Investigation group: ''Co2: Equipo de comisariado contracultural'' from the University of Granada to the investigation in the curatorial. 
2019 - Present Ícaro grant in the deanship of the faculty of fine arts Alonso Cano University of Granada for the management of cultural activities of the faculty and community manager of social media. 
2020 High honors in the subject Art, public space and nature. Faculty of Fine Art Alonso Cano. UGR.
2020 High honors in the subject Experimental drawing and creation. Faculty of Fine Art Alonso Cano. UGR.
2020 High honors in the subject Art and Body. Faculty of Fine Art Alonso Cano. UGR.
2019 High honors in the Legislation and Art Market subject. Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano. UGR. 

2020 - 2021  Master's degree in Art production and research. Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano. University of Granada. 
2020 Degree in Fine Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano. University of Granada. 

2021 Workshop: Iniciación al Sonido con Elenaisser. Check Check Check. Granada.
2021 Workshop: Iniciación a la producción de eventos con Dani Herrera. Check Check Check. Granada.
2020 MoMA Course: Modern Art and Ideas. Coursera. 
2020 MOOC ''Undertake: turn your idea into a business model''. Abierta UGR. University of Granada. 
2020 Workshop ''Hydraulic Tiles''. CEMED. University of Granada.
2020 Workshop: Choreographed action of Rosana Antolí in the context of the exhibition: ''Pavimento Infinito. Mapa. Sala. Arpa. Alba. Rosana Antolí, Isabel de Naverán and Julia Spínola. Centro Federico García Lorca. 
2019 Art Curator Course. Escuela Plano B
2019 Workshop: El artista y sus derechos: acercamiento a la propiedad intelectual con Luis Anguita Villanueva y Alejandro Puerto Mendoza.The artist and his rights: approach to intellectual property Programa A. (Comunidad de Madrid). 
2019 Workshop ‘’Dime cómo dibujas y diré quién eres. Acercamiento al dibujo contemporáneo’’Tell me how you draw and I will say who you are.  Approach to contemporary drawing. Facultad de Bellas Artes Alonso Cano. 
2018 Screen Printing Seminar.  Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano.
2018 Seminar of Supports and Materials.  Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano.
2018 Seminary of hybridization of technical processes of screen printing.  Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano.
2018 Participation in the workshops held at the Tuenti Urban Academy festival at the Alonso Cano Faculty of Fine Arts.

2022 José Guerrero. La Colección del Centro. Diputación de Granada. ISBN 978-84-7807-674-1
2021 Traducir un Bosque. Santiago Morilla. Diputación de Granada. ISBN 978-84-7807-685-7
2021 Identidad en la sala. Diputación de Granada. ISBN 978-84-7807-688-8
2020 Semiminario FACBA 2020 El saber oscuro. Ritos, Senderos y Tránsitos del conocimiento Artístico. ISBN 978-84-338-6372-0

Presentations, talks and conferences
2021 Conference: The figure of the educator in the curatorship and cultural management. Education Faculty. University of Granada. 18.12.21
2021 Workshop: Taller con María Valdés de Arte sonoro: I WAS IN A CONTEMPLATIVE MOOD: Componiendo ciclos sonoros. . Festival Aliquindoi. University of Granada. 05-20 Dec. 2021. 
SOLO Exhibitions
2019 ''Ni Tan Pronto '' Contemporary art festival Circuitos 19. UGR Casa de Porras (Granada). 
COLLECTIVE Exhibitions
2021 ''Error del sistema'' Museo Damián Bayón. Granada.
2020 ''Plantas de Interior'' Ana Barriga, FACBA 20. Hospital Real de la Universidad de Granada. Granada.
2020 ''We Are''. MATRIZ Woman Artist. Online Exhibition selected artist. 
2020 II Biennial of Contemporary Drawing «Las huellas del Dibujo». Sala Manuel Barbadillo (Málaga).
2020 ‘’ A La Calle 20’’. Sala de Exposiciones Gran Capitán (Granada).
2019 ‘’ Sustancia, elemento, cosa ’’. Al Liquindoi Program - Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano. UGR. (Granada).
2019 '' Cosmic Exhibition ''. Ovni Bazar (Granada). 
2019 ''Jugam?'' en La Nit de l'art de Sant Jordi (Palma de Mallorca).
2019 ‘’Tinta y Mujer’’ Centro de la juventud de Armilla (Granada).
2019 ‘’Tinta y Mujer’’ en el Centro Cervantes Genil  (Granada).
2018 Exhibition and collective proyect PIPIRIPARTY. Faculty of Fine Arts Alonso Cano. UGR. (Granada).
2018 ''Camins'' en La Nit de l'art de S'Arracó (Palma de Mallorca).
2013 - 2014 Fundación Sofia (Palma de Mallorca).
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